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Starscape is part digital development studio and part guild of free/love-thinking beings collected under a banner to better the galaxy through cosmic conscious co-creation.

Guild is collectively supporting each member's quests via a collaborative in-network and connective out-networks, providing space for expressive exposition, and championing network spirituality.

Digital is encouraging the empowerment and expansion of humanity, helping small businesses survive and thrive, and developing a more free and fun interweb.

Starscape's north stars

Open-inquiry - Investigating the rich tapestry of reality and being, challenging beliefs to illuminate paths toward collective flourishing, identifying opportunity for fertile solutions.

Co-creation - Navigating the nebulous fog of creative inspiration, collaboratively expressing our souls, manifesting & iterating systems for harmonious cooperation.

Love - Pursuing the electromagnetism of shared affinity, innervating unitive spirit, nourishing whealthy environments, courageously embracing with empathy, faithfully pursuing resonance with beauty and truth.

birthed by

Lavitz Starlove