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Starscape Guild is a collective of artists, writers, musicians, developers... passionate thinkers and creators of all kinds who are interested in exploring the depths of our own minds and the universe at large. We play in the intersection of technology and spirituality, desiring ethical empowerment and expansion of humanity.

Guild is collectively supporting each member's quests via a collaborative in-network and connective out-networks, providing space for expressive exposition, and championing network spirituality.

This web space showcases guild creators & their ongoing projects, with Starscape published projects displayed on the Digital studio page.

We are ever-looking for new members to join our sangha, for support and financial patronage of any sort, and for other guilds to collude with!

Discord server

This server is for curious minds, courageous hearts and lovely souls interested in self & collective development, solarpunk & generative ideas, crypto/financial happenings and mysticism!

Primary purpose is to share, learn, encourage & grow. Everyone is encouraged to ask all range of questions, share their personal & project progress, and help guide the community in a positive direction 🌌

Interested? Join the server and say hello!

Guild Members

still adding more member info


developer, writer, artist, connector, starcaller

mythopoetically translating libido into configurations and collaboratively transfiguring nebulous ideaforms into coherent artifacts


anju online

artist, producer, developer, brand manager, entity creator

yung guiseppe putting souls into pinnochios, creating parasocial entities and egregores


  • Hellscape Digital an artist collective and friend group; a creative multiverse driven by music, fashion, design, gaming, and avant-garde web culture.
  • ANJU Online! music
  • AnjuSupplyCo upcycled, sustainable 1/1 handmade apparel

🐦 @AnjuOnIine

the Guild is currently supporting